Kutetailor: Revolutionizing Custom Apparel Manufacturing

Kutetailor: Revolutionizing Custom Apparel Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving world of custom apparel manufacturing, Kutetailor, a leading made to measure manufacturer, plays a pivotal role as a leading made-to-measure manufacturer. As a company, we are committed to transforming the industry and revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the realm of fashion. This article explores Kutetailor's contributions to the custom apparel business, the functional modules that empower our customers, the advantages of choosing our products and services, and our journey from a traditional enterprise to an ecological powerhouse.


Functional Modules at Kutetailor


Succeed Your Business with 5 Functional Modules

At Kutetailor, we, as a leading made to measure manufacturer, offer five distinct functional modules that empower our customers and enable them to succeed in the custom apparel industry:


  1. Order Tracking and Store Management: Our comprehensive order tracking system and store management tools ensure seamless operations, allowing you to stay organized and efficient.


  1. Customer Management and Client Portal: Kutetailor provides a client portal that streamlines customer interactions and enhances the overall experience, making it easy to manage your customer base effectively.


  1. E-commerce Tools for Expanding Sales: We offer a range of e-commerce tools that make it easy to expand your sales channels and reach a broader audience.


Ordering Made Easy

Ordering custom suits, shirts, and other apparel at Kutetailor is a breeze. Our innovative approach to ordering includes the following features:


  1. New Arrivals and Product Updates: Our product range is updated every two weeks, ensuring you always have access to the latest styles and trends. This allows you to keep your product line fresh and exciting.


  1. Seamless Order Center with Visual Ordering: Our visual ordering system simplifies the ordering process, eliminating errors and ensuring that your customers receive precisely what they desire.


  1. Creating an Online Store with My Website: Kutetailor provides over 20 templates to help you create your online store effortlessly. Alternatively, you can sync our products with your existing website through API integration, boosting your online business.


Extensive Fabric Selection at Competitive Prices

The prominent made to measure manufacturer Kutetailor has established extensive partnerships with top-tier fabric suppliers worldwide, ensuring that our customers have access to a wide selection of high-quality materials. We continually search for cost-effective materials, creating a collection that offers exceptional value for our customers.


From Traditional to Ecological Enterprise

Kutetailor's journey has been marked by innovation and growth. Our unique "Cotte Yolan Management System" has transformed us from a traditional clothing manufacturer into an ecological state-of-the-art enterprise. We've expanded our reach from China to Europe, North and South America, Australia, and more.


Transforming into a First-Class Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Years of exploration and the trust of our customers have propelled Kutetailor to become a first-class custom clothing manufacturer. We've built the world's largest MTM advanced custom smart factory, setting new industry standards. Our journey, which began in 1995, has been characterized by continuous growth and success.



Kutetailor is more than just a made-to-measure manufacturer; we are the driving force behind the revolution in custom apparel manufacturing. Our commitment to sustainable growth, ethical practices, employee welfare, and our pioneering spirit in intelligent manufacturing set us apart in the industry. We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to redefine the custom apparel business.

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